Investor Client Building a More Powerful Narrative a case study


Watkins McGowan was retained to help the senior leadership team of a Fortune 500 company prepare for a merger/acquisition roadshow as they were preparing to meet outside investors. The client was hoping to influence the investor community that they were a sound investment. The leadership team didn’t have a concise message that illustrated the value of investing in the company or what its key selling points would be.


Our team counseled the client to think: What’s in it for the investor? We advocated for a concise set of powerful messages that would be conveyed by all leaders in their respective presentations. We created and streamlined their core messages so that every member of senior leadership would reference them within their respective presentations. The goal was to re-iterate why the company was of value and on the leading edge in its industry.


The team met with leadership to review the investor materials and streamlined various complex messages to tell a concise and compelling story. Then, the team worked one-on-one with the members of the leadership team to polish their messaging and their presentation skills.


The clients were well-prepared for their multiple investor meetings and they received favorable feedback from investors which led to multiple offers for the company.

  • Client Investor Client
  • Skills Investor Relations, Media Training